Ristorante GUZZI is born out of our passion for authentic Italy. After successfully bringing the 'slow food' revolution in Leuven, the team behind Rossi will once again bring a new revolution about 'Italian authenticity' under the name of 'GUZZI'. Chef Felice Miluzzi's answer for staying true to Italian authenticity is not through bowing to the tradition or cliché; on the contrary, he defends the Italian authenticity by rejuvenating Italian icon such as pizza, and through a relentless quest for exceptional ingredients and seasonality, which he considered to be the essence of Italian cuisine. Though only opened since 1 September 2021, GUZZI already has received positive reviews from KNACKWEEKEND, DE MORGEN, De STANDAARD, TRENDS KNACK, De Tijd, Le Soir!


The short version of GUZZI pizza can be summarised as 'slow fermented sourdough pizza cooked in a clay oven with exceptional ingredients'.

The long story of Guzzi pizza departed from Felice's life-time love-hate story with pizza. Like many Italian kids, He had grown up eating pizza every Sunday night, but as he matured, his infatuation got quite serious; he travelled the world to scout the best pizza, he preached the democratic deliciousness about pizza whenever to whoever (his wife Yue is now a pious pizza lover); as a chef, he never looked down upon a pizza but marvelled at the potential a pizza could possess, if touched by not only the nimble hands of 'pizzaiola' but also by the heart and mind of a chef; sometimes he got so mad when he tasted a pizza that has not been paid due respect by the maker (too salty and indigestible are key vices); but most of all he dreamed about one day he will make the pizza so elegant and mouth-watering that no one will ever underestimate what a pizza can do. The dream now came true with the opening of GUZZI.

Every Guzzi pizza begins his life from the organic wheat of ancient varieties in Vento region (Antico Molino Rosso); they were until this day stone-milled to preserve both the flavor and nutrition; our dough takes all the time he needs to properly rise before finding his accompany of the truly exceptional: San Marzano tomato from lake Sarnese Nocerino, anchovy from Cetara, red onions from Tropea, fauna and flora from Guzzi's own garden ...


Other than Guzzi's pizza, we also serve season inspired small dishes (antipasti) to be indulged or shared. These are equally iconic Italian dishes where we accentuate the pureness, freshness, craftsmanship of the ingredients.


We maintain a highly selective and changing natural wine list. While striving the best for the nature, we make no compromise for the taste. Our natural wine promises the finesse and balance.

We also serve an extremely limited supply of much sought-after Cantillon beer from the still family-owned Lambic brewer. These beers are with an acquired and complex taste that's going well with our thoughtful pizza.

For those who like light-hearted thirst-quenchers, we also have that covered. Come to find out the playful but no less serious beer from collaborative and inclusive Brussels Beer Project.


GUZZI is located in a beautiful mansion in the centre of Leuven, just around the corner of Stad Park and right opposite to the wonderful building of KADOC. GUZZI is spacious, bright, with a charming terrace garden in the back where you can find herbs & vegetables that we use in our kitchen. Just as in Rossi, you will be saluted by our open kitchen and clay oven as you enter. This is the heart and soul of GUZZI where magic and (sometimes drama) happen.